• Why do I need to sign a contract for a photo shoot?

    Contracts are to protect you as the client and myself as the one providing the service. A contract is vital to underlining my professionalism as a photographer as well as establishing trust with my client that I will uphold my end of the bargain. 

    It sets expectations! It’s always best to be clear and up-front about expectations, what services will be rendered, what the client should expect to get in return, how the images will be used and to what extent, when you should expect to receive your photos and exact amount of images, turn around time, etc. The contract can define those terms or at least provide you with a starting point for that discussion, if it is necessary. 

    Contracts will be e-signed by the client at the time of booking and is required to secure your session. 

  • How long until my images are ready?

    Your images will be available in your online gallery 3 to 4 weeks from the date of your session. 1 week rush processing is available for an additional fee. 

  • What is an online gallery?

    An online gallery is a link you receive to a site that allows you to download your high-resolution images conveniently onto your computer, SD card, or memory stick. You get ONE download with a code provided to you. You will prompted to enter your email and the link to download will be sent there. You can then chose to print at your home or any other location. The best thing is that you can print straight from the gallery which provides you with studio quality printing! NOTE: For the best quality prints it is best to print and order through your gallery. Read blog post and see why if you want quality chose to print through your Pixieset Gallery you will be a lot more satisfied. 

    Why you should print your images 

    Sample Client Gallery

  • Will I be able download the original files from my sitting?

    I will not present or give out original raw images as they are an unfinished work. Additionally, I have a specific style that is associated with my business and would be giving up my creative license. 

  • Why do I book a session when I only want one picture?

    I get this question a lot. I definitely could just go out and snap one picture and call it a day. However, it could be something you are not happy with. Then what? I’m not just clicking a button; I’m offering a service. I want to be sure that you are happy with the final product and that it is worth your investment. The skill and time I put into your session is accounted for in cost. 

  • How are my images retouched?

    First, all images are corrected for color and exposure. Next, I will retouch your skin removing temporary imperfections like acne scarring or bruises. I do not believe in making drastic changes to a my client's appearance. 

    I get this question a lot especially with boudoir. Most boudoir sessions are done for my client's significant other. My goal is to highlight your beauty just as it is. Your significant other loves YOU. In the famous words of Bruno Mars “just the way you are”. 

    What I WON'T do: I make ZERO body modificiations in editing, just enhance YOU! Remember, we are our own worst critic. I know I’m no stranger to that. From personal experience, it always takes an outisde person to see what we don’t see in ourselves. 

    What I WILL do: I promise to emphasize your inner beauty and will guide you with posing that it is the most flattering for your body type. I will recommend clothing, makeup, and hair options as well. 

  • For boudoir/modeling portfolio building: do I need to know how to pose?

    In short, no. I have worked with many models and can help direct you in posing. If you have ideas in mind just bring them along. I don’t get offended if there is a pose you saw on Pinterest and it is something you want to try. As a matter fact, I encourage looking at ideas to see what you’d like for yourself so we have something to work from. Inspiration is key!

  • Why can’t I do my boudoir shoot in my home?

    As a natural light photographer, I rely on ample daylight as my main source of lighting. My in-home boudoir studio is a large space with lots of natural light available. A hotel room is another great option for boudoir settings. 

    While using your bedroom does create a degree of intimacy in your images, I need space to be flexible with angles and poses. In my experience, using a client’s bedroom made it difficult to capture flattering, dynamic, and interesting images. Bedroom decor is another issue to consider - we don't want your bedroom to distract from your beauty. Overall, your images will feel special and have a more unique look.

  • I love your work but why are you so expensive? 

My pricing reflects the value I invest in you and the value I would want you to invest in yourself if you are truly seeking an empowering experience. I take pride in my work, my expertise in posing and editing and in the fact that I care about your images as much as you would expect a photographer to.