Sneak Peek and My Last Weeks

Guys first of all my facebook was HACKED! I have not been able to log back in despite numerous attempts. I was one of the lucky 500,000. FUN! (*insert sarcasm) So, that said if you have been freaking out because we were messaging through there you will not be able to reach me. You can use the contact form here or text/call 910-939-3450. Honestly I don’t know how long it will be until I regain access.

Second of all…can I be a little transparent? I have had THE.WORST past few months. If something could go wrong it has. Hence, why I wasn’t so surprised when I was hacked. I am sure to be the one in the bunch if it’s something bad. Two weeks ago, I went to drop off my gold car to the bodyshop because someone hit me in a parking lot. That same day I went to drop it off, driving in my white car on the way to take my mom to the hospital I was in an accident. My mom ended up being admitted for an abcess in her abdomen which was a medical mystery to all the doctors there and well…my white car TOTALED. And oddly enough I was attached to that car since I bought it when my daughter was born and intended to pass it on to my son as his first car. The kicker two weeks before that my white car had just gotten out of the bodyshop because someone had hit me in the parking lot and few months before that my gold car was sideswiped while parked and had also gone to the shop then. Anyways, back to my mom being admitted- we drove back and forth to UNC for days until she was released and now is waiting to have a major surgery and be admitted for four weeks.

After that my best friend found out she needed surgery and had surgery just yesterday. This morning, I rushed my daughter to Urgent Care because she wasn’t sounding so hot. I had taken her a few days before that and despite her sensitive medical needs the doctors dismissed me and told me “she was fine”. Fastforward to this morning again, she is so close to pneumonia that doctor said we will probably have to cancel our trip that we had planned for months. The months before that; it’s been one thing after the other, after the other, after the other; so much so that sometimes I just want to curl up in a ball and cry.

But that brings me back to these beautiful images/family. I don’t think I could stay sane without a creative outlet. Photography and meeting new people is what keeps me going. I spend a lot of time at home editing and being a homeschool mom to a teen and 9 yr old and taking care of my mom. Seriously my life is like a novel and it feels like someone is playing a never ending joke on me but that never stops me from doing what I love and most importantly loving my family. If you’re having a bad day today remember to always smile and just enjoy the things that make you happy!