Fort Bragg Boudoir Photographer | Mrs. B |. Wardrobe

As a boudoir photographer here in North Carolina I am happy when clients come with an open mind about wardrobe. Many times I think women have a preconceived notion of what looks good on them and what doesn't. Many times what you think doesn't look good on you is actually the most flattering. My client was pleasantly surprised to see how well a bodysuit looked on her. I promise that if you come to me I will give my honest opinion about everything. It may not be what you want to hear but I only mean well. I want you to look your best especially with the type of investment you are making. 

Before you come to a session with me I talk a lot about no-no's for wardrobe. My huge NO NO is baby-dolls! Very rarely are they even a little flattering. I ask my clients specifically to avoid them. That and anything with metal boning which can limit posing.  Trust me, We will talk A LOT before your session! Many clients text me as they shop and I totally don't mind. 

Are you ready to book but are just unsure of what will work for you wardrobe-wise? I offer a complimentary consolation with booked session. Message me with any questions and let's get you booked today!